Run tests in CI/CD


You can trigger Akto's API Security tests in your CI/CD pipelines too. Generate your Akto token and send API requests to Akto dashboard to start running tests.

Generate Akto token

  • Go to My account > Settings > Integrations

  • Select CI/CD Integeration under Automation category

  • Click on Generate token button to generate a fresh token or copy an existing token.

Add trigger in your CI/CD tool

  • Open the API collection where you want to run the tests.

  • By default, the API collection view shows all APIs. You can filter the APIs on which you want to run the tests. For example, to run tests only on GET endpoints, we can add a filter to show only GET endpoints.

  • Click on the Run test button on the top right.

  • Select the tests you want to run as part of CI/CD pipeline. Please keep Select time = Now and Run daily should be unchecked. Feel free to edit the Name, Test run time and Max concurrent requests.

  • Click on Run once now (if the button name says anything else, read the previous point 🙄)

  • Observe the Test ID on the testing page for the test you just created.

GitHub Actions

  • You can also use our plugin for Github Actions directly too:

      - name: Run CI/CD tests
        uses: akto-api-security/run-scan@v1.0.3
          AKTO_API_KEY: ${{vars.AKTO_API_KEY}}
          AKTO_TEST_ID: ${{vars.AKTO_TEST_ID}}
          START_TIME_DELAY: 180 # Delay in seconds after which testing run is started, optional, default is 0 

Post deployment hook (works with any CI/CD platform)

  • Prepare the following curl command by replacing akto-dashboard-url, akto-api-key and akto-test-id

    curl "https://<akto-dashboard-url>/api/startTest" \
                -H 'X-API-KEY: <akto-api-key>' \
                -H 'content-type: application/json' \
                -d '{"testingRunHexId": <akto-test-id>, "startTimestamp" : 0,"metadata": {"platform": "Github Actions"}}' \
  • Add a post deployment hook in your CI/CD tool. Add the above curl command as part of post deployment. For example, Jenkins post deployment hook should look like -

  • If you have hosted Akto in your VPC, please ensure the CI/CD machine can reach Akto's dashboard. You might have to change Security rules on Akto-Load-Balancer accordingly.

  • If you want this to become better, please create a GitHub issue here. Or even better, contribute! We are open source!

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