Data Types

View data types such as EMAIL, IP_ADDRESS, JWT, SSN, and many more.

What is Data Type?

Data Type refers to the specific formats or structures used to represent different types of data in requests and responses. Simply put, data types are like labels that tell you what kind of information you're dealing with in APIs. For example:


  • JWT




Customize Data Type

Akto comes with over 40 built-in data types by default. However, some businesses might have unique data types, such as a transaction ID prefixed with "TXN_ID". These are specific to your business. If you want Akto to recognize these data types, you can configure them in the application.

If you have a highly sensitive, non-standard data type, you can define the pattern in Akto. Afterward, Akto will inform you about which API is sharing this data. For more information on creating custom data type, please refer to this documentation- Create a Custom Data Type

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