Remove Bad Endpoints

Learn how remove bad endpoints in akto dashboard.

Akto gives user options to ignore the static files endpoints or endpoints having default payloads.This documentation is essential for users looking to maintain a clean and efficient endpoint inventory in their Akto setup. We have two methods for removing bad endpoints from your inventory:

Ways to remove bad endpoints in Akto

Selecting static endpoints file type

  1. Navigate to Settings. Then open About tab in the left nav.

  2. Click on the Select redundant url types button in More settings section on the page.

  1. Select the File types which you want to ignore and akto will ignore those endpoints from the future. You can also remove some default types we ignore.

Adding default payloads

  1. Navigate to Settings. Then open Default payloads tab in the left nav.

  2. Click on Add your own and then enter the domain name of the urls you want to ignore.

  1. After adding domain name, enter the regex for response payload.

  1. Now akto will ignore urls in which response payload matches the above regex.

  1. On re-uploading the Traffic via Har, we observer the api was ignored and thus was not stored in the inventory.


The guide includes detailed step-by-step instructions, complete with visual aids and examples, to assist users in navigating through the Akto settings and applying these configurations effectively.

Get Support for your Akto setup

There are multiple ways to request support from Akto. We are 24X7 available on the following:

  1. In-app intercom support. Message us with your query on intercom in Akto dashboard and someone will reply.

  2. Join our discord channel for community support.

  3. Contact for email support.

  4. Contact us here.

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