Sensitive Data

Explore the sensitive data and its parameters.

Akto comes with over 40 built-in data types and some of them belong to the sensitive data types category, for example, Email, Phone Number, JWT, Bearer token, etc. Akto allows you to identify which sensitive data an API is sharing. This is particularly useful in managing and securing your APIs

Examples of Sensitive Data

  • Email 📧

  • Phone Number ☎️

  • Credit Card number 💳

  • IP Address 🔢

  • SSN 🆔

  • URL 🌐

  • PAN Card 💵

  • JWT, Bearer token 🔑

Detect Sensitive Data

In the demonstration below, let's identify all the endpoints of the "Juice_shop_demo" collection that share sensitive data.

Go to API Inventory> API Collection. Select any API Collection and click on the Sensitive tab to populate all the sensitive endpoints within that collection. You can also filter the sensitive endpoints based on specific or multiple sensitive params like Email.

In the above demonstration, we identified 6 endpoints that share sensitive data like Email and JWT tokens.

You can also click on any of the identified sensitive endpoints to view the sensitive parameters it contains. In the demonstration below, we clicked on one of the sensitive EMAIL endpoints to view its sensitive parameters in both the Request and Response.

In the above demonstration, we found that the endpoint has sensitive data like EMAIL ID, Password, and Authentication token.

You can also set the sensitivity of a data type, allowing you to choose specific locations where the data type should be treated as sensitive or not. For more, refer to this link.

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