De-activate a data type

Explore about deactivating a data type.

When the data type is no longer relevant or needs to be updated, you can deactivate it allowing for a controlled pause in its operation without completely removing it from the system. This provides flexibility and precision in managing the flow of data and maintaining the integrity of the API management environment.

In the demonstration below, let's deactivate the "TOKEN" data type.

Go to API Inventory> Sensitive data. Click on "…" of the Data Type and select Edit to De-activate the data type.

In the above demonstration, we deactivated a data type. For example, here we deactivate the "TOKEN" data type. Now Akto will no longer process or recognize a particular data type that has been deactivated. This means that any requests containing this data type will not receive a response from Akto until the data type is reactivated

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