Extract APIs from github hosted source code using our Github Action

You can extract APIs from your github code repositories using our Github action.

How to use

Prepare the following variables:

  1. AKTO_API_KEY - Go to My accounts > Settings > Integrations > Akto API > Generate token. Copy the token generated.

  2. AKTO_DASHBOARD_URL - URL of your Akto dashboard. Please ensure the github action runner can access the Akto dashboard,

  3. API_COLLECTION_NAME - The API collection name into which you want to import the extracted APIs. Ensure that this collection exists.

Add a step in your github action workflow based on the following example:

- name: Akto code analysis
  uses: akto-api-security/code-analysis-action@v1
    AKTO_API_KEY: ${{ secrets.AKTO_API_KEY }}
    API_COLLECTION_NAME: juice_shop_demo


  1. A summary of all the extracted APIs should be avaialbe in the Github workflow run summary. The summary includes a list of the new APIs that were added in the present commit.

  2. The API collection as specified by the API_COLLECTION_NAME variable can be viewed in the Akto dashboard to review the APIs extracted from source code.

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