Shadow APIs

Akto can detect and alert about Shadow APIs

Shadow APIs are APIs that exist within the system but are not documented or known to the managers or owners of the API ecosystem. These can pose a significant security risk as they can be exploited without detection.

For example, a software development team might create new version of an API (/v3/) for but forgets to remove /v2/ . If the team removes security controls and forgets to secure /v2 API when the feature goes live, it becomes a Shadow API. Unauthorized users who discover this API might be able to access sensitive data or perform actions that could harm the system.

Because v2 is still active, but not documented anymore, it will most likely bypass all future security checks. This unnoticed API poses significant risk.

Detect Shadow APIs

Akto now creates an API collection titled ‘Shadow APIs’ when testing your APIs.

You can test your collection for this Improper Inventory Management vulnerability through the test BOLA in old api versions

Here’s how you can do it on Akto:

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