Test Multiple APIs

Explore about how to test multiple APIs.

Akto allows you to test multiple APIs of your collection (at once) as it enhances efficiency by saving time compared to conducting separate tests for each API.

In the demonstration below, we run tests for multiple APIs within the "juice_shop_demo" collection and then check for any vulnerabilities within the endpoints.

Go to API Inventory > API Collection. Select the API Collection and click on the Run Test. Select the Test Categories and Tests you want to test by specifying different parameters like Time duration, Test Role, etc, then click on Run Test to execute the tests.

In the above demonstration, we have run Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting the test for all the endpoints of the "juice_shop_demo" collection. Now, let's review the outcomes of these tests.

In the above demonstration, no vulnerabilities were identified in the juice_shop_demo collection, resulting in no entries in the vulnerable section.

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