Export an API Collection to Postman

Explore about exporting an API collection to Postman.

Exporting an API collection to Postman allows you to use Postman's tools for testing your APIs, including running tests, writing scripts, and visualizing responses. This makes working with APIs easier and more efficient by providing a structured API development and testing environment.

If your team uses Postman to maintain the record of all APIs, you can use export functionality from Akto. Once Akto has created an API inventory for you, you can export it to your Postman Workspace, ensuring that your team has access to the latest API resources.

Setup Postman Integration using API Keys

In the demonstration below, we establish a connection between Akto and Postman accounts through API Keys.

Go to Settings > Integration > Postman > Configure. Enter your Postman API Key and select your Postman Workspace where you would like to establish integration with Akto.

In the above demonstration, we integrated Postman with Akto to enable exporting API collections from Akto directly into your Postman workspace.

Update Postman API Using Akto

In the demonstration below, we export API collection viz.- demo_collection from Akto to the Postman workspace.

Once you have configured Postman with your Akto account, you can easily export your API collection in Akto to your Postman workspace. This allows you to run and test your APIs efficiently.

Go to API Inventory> API Collection. Select the API Collection you want to export to Postman. Click on Export > Postman to export the API Collection to Postman.

In the above demonstration, we have exported the demo_collection from Akto to the Postman workspace.

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