Connect Akto with OpenAPI

Learn how to send API traffic data from OpenAPI spec to Akto.


Akto needs your staging, production or other environment's traffic to Discover APIs and analyze for AP misconfiguration. It does so by connecting to one of your traffic sources. If you don't have access to staging or production environment, you can create API inventory using OpenAPI spec.

Note that traffic from OpenAPI spec won't be automated like the native cloud connectors.

OpenAPI connector is recommended for Akto Open source or free tier only. For an automated inventory, you should use other automated traffic connectors.

Pre-requisites for Akto OpenAPI connection

  • You must have an active Akto account. If you don't have one, sign up for an account on the Akto platform.

  • Prepare the OpenAPI specification you wish to upload to Akto. Make sure these collections are organized and contain the API requests you want to work with. You can also add your authentication mechanism in the specification file itself, to unlock advanced capabilities of the AKTO testing module.

Get Support for your Akto setup

There are multiple ways to request support from Akto. We are 24X7 available on the following:

  1. In-app intercom support. Message us with your query on intercom in Akto dashboard and someone will reply.

  2. Join our discord channel for community support.

  3. Contact for email support.

  4. Contact us here.

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