Connect Akto with AWS Fargate

Learn about how to send API traffic data using AWS Fargate to Akto from your environment.


You can use Akto traffic collectors to collect and send traffic to Akto. Your APIs from this traffic will show up in Akto dashboard.

Creating AWS Policy

1. Go to Quick Start on your Akto dashboard and expand the Connect traffic data section.

2. Scroll down to Data processors setup section.

3. Copy the policy json and click on the Akto Dashboard role link.

4. Click on the JSON tab and paste the policy

5. Click on Review policy button.

6. Enter AktoDashboardPolicy as the policy name and click on Create Policy button

8. Once the policy is created, go back to the dashboard.

Setting up Data processors

1. Click on Setup traffic processors button.

2. This will bring up infra that will process your traffic.

3. Check that you have AKTO_NLB and AKTO_MONGO_IP vars once setup is complete.

Add Akto traffic collector container

1. Create a container with the following config

            "name": "akto-traffic-collector",
            "image": "aktosecurity/mirror-api-logging:k8s_agent",
            "environment": [
                    "name": "AKTO_TRAFFIC_BATCH_TIME_SECS",
                    "value": "10"
                    "name": "AKTO_TRAFFIC_BATCH_SIZE",
                    "value": "100"
                    "name": "AKTO_INFRA_MIRRORING_MODE",
                    "value": "gcp"
                    "name": "AKTO_KAFKA_BROKER_MAL",
                    "value": "<AKTO_NLB>:9092"
                    "name": "AKTO_MONGO_CONN",
                    "value": "<AKTO_MONGO_IP>"
  1. Replace <AKTO_NLB> and AKTO_MONGO_IP by the values shown on the dashboard.

  2. Create a container in your Fargate setup with the above config.

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