Connect Akto with AWS EKS

Learn about how to send API traffic data using AWS EKS to Akto from your environment.


Akto needs your staging, production or other environment's traffic to Discover APIs and analyze for AP misconfiguration. It does so by connecting to one of your traffic sources. One such source is AWS EKS.

Configuring Daemonset

Follow these steps to add daemonset config to your Kubernetes setup -

1. Go to Quick Start on your Akto dashboard and expand the Connect traffic data section.

2. Scroll down to Kubernetes Daemonset section.

Creating AWS Policy

1. Copy the policy json and click on the Akto Dashboard role link.

2. Click on the JSON tab and paste the policy

3. Click on Review policy button.

4. Enter AktoDashboardPolicy as the policy name and click on Create Policy button

7. Once the policy is created, go back to the dashboard.

Setting up Daemonset stack

1. You should now see a Setup daemonset stack button. Click on this button to setup a traffic processing stack.

This will process your API traffic data and populate APIs on the dashboard. This might take a few minutes to complete.

2. Once complete, you should now see a daemonset config. Copy the config and paste in a text editor.

3. Replace {NAMESPACE} with your app namespace and {APP_NAME} with the name of your app

4. Create a file akto-daemonset-config.yaml with the above YAML config

5. Call kubectl apply -f akto-daemonset-config.yaml -n <NAMESPACE> on your kubectl terminal

6. Run the command kubectl get daemonsets in terminal. It should show akto-k8s daemonset.

7. Go to API Inventory on Akto dashboard to see your new APIs

Akto is Open Source and if you find any issues or traffic connectors you don't see in the list, you can create an issue in our open source repo here.

What's next?

You can now go to your API Inventory to see all the API traffic Akto has captured. Head to API Inventory to learn more. Once you start seeing inventory, you can run API Security tests on your APIs. See Akto's test library to select tests you want to run on your APIs.

Get Support for your Akto setup

There are multiple ways to request support from Akto. We are 24X7 available on the following:

  1. In-app intercom support. Message us with your query on intercom in Akto dashboard and someone will reply.

  2. Join our discord channel for community support.

  3. Contact for email support.

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