Github contribution guide

Contribution Guidelines

Thank you for considering contributing to our open source API security product! We appreciate any and all help to make our product better for everyone.

This documentation contains a set of guidelines to help you during the contribution process. We are happy to welcome all the contributions from anyone willing to improve/add to this project. Thank you for helping out and remember, no contribution is too small.

How to Contribute 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Below you will find the process and workflow used to review and merge your changes.

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.

  2. Create a new branch for your changes.

  3. Make your changes, and ensure that all tests pass.

  4. Submit a pull request, with a clear explanation of your changes and why they are needed.

Need more help? 🤔

You can refer to the following articles of Git and GitHub basics. In case you are stuck, feel free to contact the Project Mentors and Community by joining Akto Community slack channel.

Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct that we expect all contributors to follow. Please read before contributing.

Reporting Issues

If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please open an issue on GitHub. Be sure to include a clear description and any relevant information, such as the version of the product you are using.


By contributing to this project, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under the LICENSE file.


If you have any question, you can contact the maintainers of this project via the email:

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our project! We look forward to working with you.

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