Create user config


Running specialized tests like Broken Object Level Authorization, Broken User Authentication etc, require an additional attacker authorization token. Hence before triggering Akto tests on your apis, you may need to specify an authorization token which can be treated as attacker token during test run. Attacker Token can be specified manually, as well as in automated manner. We provide multiple ways to automate Attacker token generation.

Method 1: Adding Token Manually

  • Go to Testing Section.
  • Click on User Config Tab
  • Add your Auth Token in section 1 - "Inject hard-coded attacker auth token". Enter the below 2 values -
    • Auth Header Key - Enter name of header which contains your auth token.
    • Auth Header Value - Enter value corresponding to the header name you mentioned in Auth Header Key.

Method 2: Automating Attacker Token Generation

Documentation coming soon....