AWS deploy

60 seconds deploy in AWS 🚀

If your application services are hosted in AWS, follow the steps below to install Akto in your AWS cloud.

Step 1: Create Account

  1. Signup if you haven't already done that.

  2. Go to AWS section. Select region from the dropdown and click on launch stack.

4. This will re-direct you to the AWS screen.

Step 2: Create stack in AWS

  1. Sign into your AWS account if you are not logged-in.

Note: Akto can't track anything that you do in AWS.

2. This will take you to a pre-filled quick create stack like below. If you don't see the below screen, click on launch stack again.

3. Add your parameters here - keypair, 1 private subnetId and 2 public subnetIds. Atleast 1 public subnet should be in the same availability zone as private subnet.

4. Your user email parameter should be the same as the one you used to signup with Akto.

5. Select I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.

6. Click on create stack.

Step 3: Launch Akto dashboard

  1. Wait for a couple of minutes before you stack creation is complete.

  2. Once your stack is created, navigate to outputs sections and copy Akto dashboard url into your browser.

3. Signup and start using Akto.

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