Create GitHub App

Add Akto app in your GitHub organizat

Steps to integrate Github App

  • Create a new Github App from developer settings

  • Install created Github App to your repositories

  • Integrate the Github App to Akto dashboard

Create new Github App

  • Go to Settings > Developer Settings > Github Apps on your github dashboard and click New Github App

  • While creating new Github App, use name as Akto Github App with following permissions

    • Read permissions : Administration, code, member, metadata

    • Read and write permissions : checks, issues, pull requests

Install created Github App

  • After app creation, install github app to your repositories

  • Once setup is done you will need Github App Id and Private key as .pem file.

  • Download private key as .pem file

Integrate the Github App to Akto dashboard

  • In Akto dashboard go to Settings > Integrations > Reporting > Github App and click Configure

  • Add Github App Id and upload secret key .pem file.

  • Final screen after integrating Github App.

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